Extension of the Imagination: Caroline Hili

This evening we were presented with Caroline Hili’s Spring/Summer 2016 Collection at Lascaris Wharf under the shadow of the imposing Barrakka lift structure. With Proseccos in hand, guests mingled amongst the flashy Mercedes-Benz vehicles that were spread around the cavernous venue.

The show began with follow spot lights dancing around the sheer bastion walls as the sound of crickets came through the speakers. The slow tempo music moved into a soft trance and the models were imported in pairs from the towering lift.

Black leathers and light blue silks made a pleasingly confident combination. Soft white woven dresses and long lengths of lace added a soft touch to the collection while sequins jazzed up the mood. Her eclectic variety of tops included asymmetrical pieces and corsets exhibited her freely expressive method of designing, mixing pattern-making and draping techniques. Colors were mostly tuned down with whites and pastel blues while there were a few pops of canary yellow and a single bright red look to capture the audience’s attention, making everybody wonder. Eyes around the runway were pleased at the bright red Madonna-esque corset top.  I believe that is the artist’s intention in this collection, to reel in those curious eyes and make people wonder.

My designs convey my dreams, they are an expression of my current state of mind, my thoughts, my desires and anxieties….

Posted by Malta Fashion Week & Fashion Awards on Wednesday, 13 May 2015

A popular theme of birds seems to be flying around this fashion week as Malta has seen much political and environmental unrest around these creatures. Fortunately, their impact on design is an appealing one. Through her use of color, as well as those light feathery eyelashes twittering down the runway, Caroline was able to portray this piece of inspiration.

Caroline Hili’s words prior to this line were:

“My designs convey my dreams, they are an expression of my current state of mind, my thoughts, my desires and anxieties. As fearless and free as me! …I consider designing dresses a form of art, an extension of the imagination, same as painting a picture or capturing a particular instant or emotion through a lens or on film.”


Photo: Keith Darmanin

Posted by Malta Fashion Week & Fashion Awards on Thursday, 14 May 2015

Show review written by Sacha Kinser and Pierre Mizzi (Logix Creative team) for MFWA.

Make up by: Diandra Mattei
Assisted by: Alexia Lovegrove and Steffi Falzon
Assistant Makeup Artists: Graziella Muscat and Marianne Mallia


Words from our bloggers:

“Caroline Hili’s work has now become a stalwart of the Malta Fashion Week and Awards, and the name itself generates interest and enthusiasm for what she has dreamed up.” -Style in Transit

“This was the backdrop for Caroline Hili’s S/S 2016 Collection where the models descended to the catwalk via the lift to display the very sexy and daring collection the designer opted for this time round.” -Every Beauty Addict’s Bible

“The latter did in fact turn out to create the perfect scene for Caroline’s creations, as the audience kept awaiting the next model to come down to us and show us yet another fabulous piece throughout the whole show.” -Ask Dorianne

“The collection as a whole exuded sensuality and sexiness without tipping the balance into undesirable territories. Each piece was unique, and the amount of variety in fabrics – mostly sheers and laces – created an eclectic, yet still cohesive collection.” -Confessions of a Former Size 6

“Caroline’s designs this year were sexy, stunning and elegant all at the same time. From light pastel colours to deeper hues, this collection has it all.” -Splashes of Looks

“Caroline Hili’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection truly succeeds in projecting the idea of femininity in all its glory, by incorporating elements such as different hues and materials including fringed skirts, sheer, leather and metallics.” -D-Fined

“The lighting and the structure of the lift created a very sci-fi mood, and as a fan of strong themes and story telling I was really feeling it.” -Hunt and Collect



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