Insomnia: Never Never Land of Couture

As I lay in bed awake late at night, it is quite appropriate that I am writing about Nilara’s latest collection, Insomnia. It’s dark and energizing, like the coffee sitting beside me. It has an edge that portrays the extraordinary imagination of Nilay Camilleri Topal as she illustrates her exploration of a woman’s sensuality through her creatively unconventional and abstract designs.

The evening gowns in the Insomnia collection, constructed through deconstruction and Avant Garde patternmaking techniques, take the viewer to a Peter Pan world where the dresses of your wildest imagination actually come to life. Intricate beadwork and eclectic fabric combinations heighten the excitement of these masterful creations.


The show opened with a glowing white ball gown, gold beadwork and embellishments glittering in the dark, lights actually shining inside the caged underskirt. Then, lights cued and an elaborate floor length gown walked onto the runway, sapphire blue sheer fabric spiraling up the dress into the top yoke and sleeves. Asymmetrical gowns, with contrasting skirt and sleeve styles exemplified exceptional deconstruction details. Catsuits warped asymmetrically over the models’ bodies. Tassels, tulle, and even chains dangled from scandalous dresses. Pattern pieces twisted and spiraled into Thierry Mugler-esque designs.  Leather, lace, satin, organza, sequins, and sheers, all fabricated into a multitude of garments – erotic and thought provoking.
Insomnia’s eccentric collection accentuates a woman’s best assets creating a bold display of confidence and inner strength. Imaginative designs and strict attention to detail allow Nilay Camilleri to bring her remarkable visions to life.



Show review written by Sacha Kinser (Founder of ColorMeCashmere) supported by Pierre Mizzi (LogixCreative team) for #MFWA2016.



A word from the bloggers…

“Nilara’s Insomnia collection was a greatly produced show with powerful rock music creating a perfect playground for her ‘Dark Queen’ designs with leather and sequins elements in red and blue.” –Pavli

“Leather in different colours paired with lace detailing is what made this collection a truly daring one for the woman that wants to stand out.” –Every Beauty Addict’s Bible

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