The Sirena Collection: Let Your Spirit Shine

After years of hard work, dedication, and multi-tasking with an adorable child and a luxury line of jewelry on her plate, designer Sam Selby successfully  launched The Sirena Collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Malta 2016. Inspired by the striking patterns of sun, sea, and nature, Sam uses elements in sea sediment to absorb and reflect these bold colors into her luxe jewelry collection.

By fact, sea sediment is porous and absorbs color in ways that other stones may not, therefore, the designer is quite selective with the materials she gets her crafty hands on. The jewels from the sea reflect the boldness she strives for in her work. Through her radiating designs, her customers are able to jazz up any ensemble with this sophisticated selection of jewelry. Like the sun radiating across a vast sea bed, highlighting nature’s lines and edges, the treasures in this collection highlight and enhance the natural contours of the collar bone and features of the face. Beauty and personality shine through each and every wearer of the Sirena Collection.


These vibrant designs, meticulously crafted into statement pieces make any outfit a memorable one. Fortunately for you, Sam Selby is located literally right down the road from you. So whenever you have an event approaching, a birthday to buy a gift for, or you just want to add some shimmer to your life, treat yourself to a treasure from the vivacious Sirena Collection and let your spirit shine.



Show review written by Sacha Kinser (Founder of ColorMeCashmere) supported by Pierre Mizzi (LogixCreative team) for #MFWA2016.



A word from the bloggers…

“Sam Selby is the brains behind a number of uniquely hand-crafted jewellery pieces “crafted to be nurturing and symbolic to the individual“.” –Ask Dorianne

“I adore the concept that she had which was very inspired by the sea and the underwater.” –The Fashion Trend

“My favourites have to be the blue and green collections as they really remind me of our beautiful sea and summer.” –Lara’s Beauty Bible

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