Theatrical & Period Costumes Show

Fashion of centuries past was the theme tonight at the Mercedes-Benz showroom in Lija, which was appropriately dimly lit with silver candelabras burning a mass of candles and decorated with ornate flower arrangements reminscent of the theatrical setting of the evening.

This was no ordinary fashion show, we didn’t come here to admire next season’s creations. Some of these costumes have never left the vaults of the Manoel Theatre and indeed have never been displayed in public. A truly inspiring evening.

What the fashion bloggers said:

The predominant colours were golden yellows, navy blue, wine, purple and olive green. Shoes were authentic to the look of the era with low-heels for women yet sustaining the air of pompousness. With the use of an undergarment bustle beneath the gowns, the chest, waist and bottom were still accentuated, foregoing and replacing the need for the high-heel as we know it today. The men’s shoes were elegant albeit plain at times, other times embellished with lace or a large buckle.
Tiziana – Rouge Reveries

Elegance is the theme of this show, dresses supporting the farthingale underneath giving them the desired shape for the particular dress worn. Ruffles was noted in almost every garment reinforcing the period look to each and every individual unique piece. The colour palette was based on yellows with touches of blue and red and pastel colours with a hint of black in one of the lacy garments in the beginning. Let us not forget the statement mens shoes of the night, a basic black shoe decorated with lace, a black bow finishing it off with a pearl charm pendant in the centre of the front of the shoe.
Stefy Puglisevich


The gowns were all richly decorated with fancy corsets some of which were adorned with either bows or lace accents together with trimmed skirts. Wide hoops were worn underneath the skirts to create a puffed skirt illusion which was highly popular in those times. Male costumes were also in tow were costumes reflecting what a 17th century man wore for balls or special events included elaborate long flared coats with soft fabric lace cravats tied at the neck together with long white stocking tucked in below the model’s trousers which were just below the knee together with shoes having a bow detail.
All Things Fabulous


The show featured a breathtaking collection of 17th century attire for both men and women, which unsurprisingly reflected the main characteristics of Baroque fashion. To put it simply, baroque is exaggeration. In meal terms, Baroque clothing is like the ‘buffet of fashion’.

One could hardly miss the evident farthingales – notably what is known as the Great Farthingale – that were featured in pretty much every single ladies’ outfit. These farthingales, as well as elaborate petticoats, are what lies behind the volume of the dress. I always fascinate myself with the way these thick, rich fabrics used for Baroque clothing are still lifted with the mere use of the aforementioned aspects. Whereas brocade was clearly one of the most popular textiles on show, colours were somewhat more varied, even though the jewel-toned palette seemed to predominate. As expected, lace cuffs adorned both men and women’s costumes, many a times being accompanied by a matching falling ruff.
Lara Boffa – Boffism

The male costumes had collars with layers of fluffy fabric sticking out from their neck like it was in trend during the 1600s, laced cuffs, pantaloons that ended below the knees, the traditional stockings and shoes with elaborate lace that where tied with a silk bow. The ladies had beautiful exaggerated gowns all heavily decorated. Corsets with low pointed waists, details like ruffles, broad lace and bows to produce drama. Some had sleeves with flowing lace that ended just below the elbows, some with dropped shoulders. All very much into detail.
We are all Divas


Baroque formal wear was mainly characterized by a wide silhouette and overstated features. To achieve this look women skirts used to be extended to their desired shape by the use of hoopskirts, also known as Farthingales. As seen on most of the models this evening, the gowns had contrasting petticoats made of beautifully brocaded silks with boldly floral motifs on light-coloured grounds, in most cases a light golden colour.
Bon Ton Fashionista



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