How to Tackle Fashion Week – Tips from the Bloggers

Less than 1 week to go before Malta Fashion Week is knocking at our doors. We know that many people get a bit stressed out about how to tackle the events and what to wear and just in general what to do. We asked some of our regular bloggers to give some tips and advice cards and here’s what they had to say.




Fashion Week is a celebration of all things artistic, fashionable and fabulous; but do make sure to be true to your own style and your own personality! Also, prior to the various fashion shows familiarise yourself with the designers who will be showcasing their work of art; they deserve it and at the same time you will get to enjoy the show more! As for the rest, watch the excitement and thrill that unfolds on the runway – you’re gonna love each and every second of it!!

Dorianne from / @askdorianne



Planning ahead is key especially when it comes to outfits. I like to dedicate a Saturday morning to look at my wardrobe and carefully plan and try on outfits for specific events. I then type everything into an Excel sheet so I don’t need to remember everything – and make sure I don’t forget anything! Having everything on a computer means I can move the outfit plans with ease accordingly. Accessories complete an outfit so always make sure to include them in your try on day and jot them down too. Also, make sure you know the event start times and familiarise yourself with the venues so you know where you’re heading to if you’re running a little late!

Lara from Every Beauty Addict’s Bible  / @lara_everybeautyaddictsbible


Fashion Week is an opportunity to experiment, have fun with styling, and showcase your style simultaneously. Have fun but remember that although Fashion Week means sharing your style, it is mainly the designers’ limelight that we celebrate and support. During the networking time, you can then promote who you are and what you can offer to the fashion community.

Stephanie from / @style_in_transit



The Mercedes-Benz Malta Fashion Week and Chamilia Fashion Awards is that time of year when we celebrate fashion at its best on the Maltese Islands. Top 5 Tips?
1.Have fun at this event and turn up at the venue wearing something you feel really stylish and good in.
2. Show respect to the organisation by behaving respectfully and give way to photographers who are trying to do their job.
3. If you recognise designers or bloggers or your preferred stylists, for example, introduce yourself to them and tell them what you think about their work. This week is a culmination of everyone’s efforts.
4. Take photos or videos of the activities you personally enjoy the most and share them on your preferred social media platforms using the hashtags #MFWA2017 and #MaltaFashionWeek2017
5. Of course, Take a good selfie of yourself at the show and have a great time!

Grazielle from / @graziellecamilleri




It’s a week-long roller coaster of fashion shows, presentations and parties so just like with any other project make a plan –  update your wardrobe, do your research and have plenty of sleep before the madness starts (you’ll thank me later). Oh and network, network, network!

Pavli from / @pavlistyle

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