Adrian J Mizzi

Founder & Executive Producer

The organiser and original mastermind of both Malta Fashion Week and Awards. Adrian’s inspiration to create this local event was initially greeted with a lot of incredulity, both in Malta and abroad. Against the odds, he persevered and today is proud to host one of the most-attended events in Malta. Each year his goal is to improve and in some way better the results of the previous year. He has also been involved in the production of most of Malta’s biggest events and launch parties both within and out of the fashion industry. His 25 years experience in event management is one of the contributing factors to the success of MFWA.

Elaine Galea

Head of Hair / Make-Up Department, Backstage Director, Models Coordinator

Elaine is responsible for ensuring that all hair and make-up teams run smoothly and provide perfect results. This includes the actual building of the hair and make-up teams, ensuring that a team is in place for all the different shows and ensuring that the looks have been decided prior to the show. She is also responsible for supervising the operation of backstage as a whole. This includes timings in terms of model preparations and fittings, and coordination of the selection of models between model agencies and designers for all shows.

Maria Micallef

Backstage Logistics Wardrobe Coordinator

Maria is responsible for handling all the backstage logistics, this includes booking all equipment required (ranging from make-up tables to hair stations to refreshments). Basically, all equipment required backstage is up to her to provide. Apart from this, she manages a team of people who are responsible for maintaining the designers’ wardrobes. This involves ensuring that all dressing rooms are equipped properly and that designers will be assisted at all times.

Priscilla Sammut Preca

Sales Executive, Customer Relations, Front of House Coordinator

Priscilla’s job starts many months before Malta Fashion Week preparations begin. Priscilla is responsible for building relationships and forging new connections. Sponsorships are the bread and butter of any event and Malta Fashion Week and Awards is proud to have built long-lasting relationships that have spanned many years. Throughout Malta Fashion Week, Priscilla is then also responsible for managing the guest seating, welcoming guests and ensuring a smooth run.

Charmaine Cilia

Photography Exhibition Coordinator, Awards Nominations Department

Charmaine is responsible for coordinating the Photography Exhibition – this entails correspondence between all those requesting to participate, coordinating the selection panel and after selection ensuring that all photos are submitted in time and are of the desired quality. In terms of award nominations, this job involves being the main person between the Monitoring Board, the judges, the general public voting and the nominees. She is also responsible for collect all nominations both from the judges and the public, chasing everyone for all necessary material required by the Monitoring Boards.

Caroline Paris

Digital Press, PR & Media Coordinator

Caroline took up this role in 2017, she is responsible for coordinating the digital marketing aspect and digital content for Malta Fashion Week and Awards. This includes supervising and maintaining the content on the website and all social media channels, writing press releases, creating digital adverts and coordinating with other digital media writers such as bloggers and journalists.

Kurt Paris

Media Photographers Coordinator

Kurt's role involves coordinating the Media Photographers at the various shows. This includes conducting workshops, helping with submission guidelines and offering advice to whoever needs it.

Ritienne Zammit

Local Fashion Designers Coordinator

Ritienne Zammit is a designer herself, since she currently holds the post of Administrator for Local Designers within the Malta Fashion Association. She has also been assigned the role of spokesperson for all local designers at Malta Fashion Week. She is therefore, the link between the designers and the production team.

Antonio Muscat

Host for International Guests

Antonio will be responsible for welcoming and hosting our foreign delegation to Malta. This includes hosting them, coordinating their transport and in general, tending to all their fashion week related needs. He is tasked with making sure that all leave Malta with only good memories.

Chantelle Buttigieg

Graphic Designer

Chantelle joined the team in 2018 as the resident graphic designer. Chantelle is a recent graduate in graphical design from the University of Malta. She is full of fresh and new ideas.and is fully committed to ensuring that the new designs of our 2018 marketing campaigns are a huge success.

Joseph Degabriele

Wardrobe Coordinator

Joseph, together with his backstage team is responsible for ensuring that all designers are fully catered for in terms of wardrobe needs and organisation.

The Team

The team is larger then the people mentioned above. There is also the technical crew, the backstage crew, the make-up artist and hair stylist (more than 500) teams. All these, and many more, work and help out at Malta Fashion Week and Awards, helping to make them to the high quality events they are.