Sanja Design (Slovenia)

may, 2019

201926may7:00 pmSanja Design (Slovenia)Sunday7:00 pm Fort St. Elmo, Forti Sant Iermu

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Inspiration for the new fashion collection is a rich history of the designer’s
hometown Ptuj. This year Ptuj celebrate 1950 years since its first
written record. For “Metamorphosis” collection inspiration, the
9th century BC period was chosen, (the transition from the Bronze Age in the Iron
Age period) which can be noticed in glossiness of some fabric.

Natural materials are always at the centre of the designer’s fashion collections.
When making cuts, this designer focusses on creating designs, which can be
wearable in many ways with different overlapping and closing by using
fibula. This means that women with various body types can wear the same

Dress styles are quite simple and curl around the women’s body in
different ways for different occasions. All dresses and coats have two
faces. For trousers, minimum number of seams and simple rectangle
or square form. Special accessories are hand woven details in the form
of belts, jewellery and hand-made shoes. Since women today always carry
bags, few unique models are offered.

With every garment from the collection fashion collection Metamorphosis
and some detail, everyone can make different styling for different


(Sunday) 7:00 pm


Fort St. Elmo

Forti Sant Iermu